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What is it?

WAC is an unofficial club started to try and bring the creative people of Westminster together in and outside of the fine arts major.

It was started so we can hang out and make art outside of a classroom setting.

Right now, it's unofficial, but it would not take a lot to make it official (hint hint).

What we do

This is a completely what-you-make-of-it unofficial club. We have the ability to take charge and plan fun group art nights, you can plan art events and sales on campus (and get it funded by ASW events!), plan group trips to art museums...literally anything. The main purpose is to make art for the sake of making art.

On Instagram follow --@wacs_art-- this is a virtual gallery space and somewhere to showcase art that you make, sell, or want to promote to the Westminster Community. 

We also have a brand new Student Gallery in the basement of Converse building! This space is for students and student run and led. There are no faculty attached at this point so shows can be scheduled entirely on what you, the students, want to do. Below you will find more info about the gallery and good contacts on campus should you run into any issues. 

What we need from you

1. Add your email by finding @dg_WAC! in Outlook to add yourself to the email group.

2. Spread the word to anyone who makes art. Even if they do it for fun and don't consider themselves an artist. I want to make an inclusive space where we can blow off steam doing fun art and meet fellow artists. 

3. If you are feeling ambitious and want to be the leader of this: DO IT! The downfall of Westminster clubs is that students won't step up to lead and the club dies. Fight against it and plan something small to get people together. If you plan it, they will come. 

4. Follow the Instagram, it is one of the easiest ways to stay updated instead of checking your emails. 

5. Don't be afraid to step up and plan something! No one will stop you or prevent you.